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Our Research Group


Dr. Stephen E. Kaczmarek

Lab Director

Carbonate Petrologist, uses geochemistry, mineralogy, and imaging to investigate dolomitization and calcitization.


Mohammed Al-Musawi

Ph.D. Student

Geologist, currently investigating the effects of early diagenesis on the mineralogical, petrographical, and geochemical characteristics of the Miocene carbonate Dam Fm., Qatar. 

Ashley Scott_Ph.D._Current.jpg

Ashley Scott

Ph.D. Student

Carbonate Sedimentologist, currently investigating the formation and diagenetic history of the Upper Ordovician Saluda Formation.


Ariel Martin

Ph.D. Student

Carbonate Geochemist, currently researching the impact of cation order on stable isotope fractionation in high-temperature dolomites.

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