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All work and no play, make CPCL researchers dull and boring…

CPCL team members do a lot more than produce top-notch research. We also like to have fun by getting out of the lab! On one of our team trips this year, we traveled to Silver Beach in St. Joe, Michigan. The Lake Michigan shoreline, which is less than an hour’s drive from the WMU campus, is one of the most beautiful in the world. Shhh… don’t tell the tourists ;) Although there aren’t many carbonates in the area, it’s a great place to investigate sedimentary processes!

CPCL team members, Ariel Martin, Ashley Scott, and Mohammed Al-Musawi, recently treated their advisor, Steve Kaczmarek, to a day trip to Lake Michigan. Their walking meeting along the pier was followed by a pizza eating contest, an axe throwing session, and some delightful conversation around the bonfire.



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