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Undergraduate researchers to shine at the NC-GSA conference, May 4-5!

A number of the undergraduate researchers who completed the Advanced Earth Materials (GEOS 5100) course last fall will be presenting their original research at the upcoming regional North-Central Geological Society of America meeting, which will be held at the L.V. Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In total, four of the seven students in the course will be delivering poster presentations at the two-day conference.

Here’s a list of the undergraduate authored presentations:

•Petrological evidence of early dolomitization followed by nodular gypsum-anhydrite in the Lucas Formation, Michigan Basin, USA (M. Burns)

•The effects of late-stage compaction and cementation on reservoir quality: a case study from the Detroit River Group, Michigan Basin, USA (W. Silvey)

•The role of clay coatings on quartz cementation in the St. Peter sandstone, MI Basin, USA (E. Brunner)

•Anhydrite diagenesis in the Richfield Member of the Lucas Formation, Michigan Basin, USA (B. Salome)



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