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CPCL researchers to invade the NC-GSA Meeting, May 4-5!

CPCL researchers look to make their presence known at the upcoming regional North-Central Geological Society of America meeting, which will be held at the L.V. Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 4-5, 2023. In total, CPCL researchers will deliver ten oral and poster presentations at the two-day conference.

2023 CPCL (L-R: A. M. Al-Musawi, S. Kaczmarek, A. Martin, and A. Scott). Photo credit: Tom Howe

Here’s a sampling of the CPCL researcher presentations:

•A visual journey through dolomitization: mineralogical and textural transformations of Ca-Mg-carbonates during high-T experiments (A. Martin)

•Dolomite stoichiometry as a proxy for tracking fluid chemistry, temperature, and flow direction in fault-related hydrothermal dolomites: field observations from the early Silurian succession of the Michigan Basin (M. Al-Musawi)

•Paragenesis of the upper Ordovician Saluda formation: insights from petrographic analyses (A. Scott)

•A detailed petrological investigation of the Byron Formation peri-tidal marine limestones and dolostones, Michigan Basin, USA (All)

•A decade of laboratory and field studies: lessons learned from investigating dolomite mineralogy (S. Kaczmarek)

Undergraduates will be listed in an upcoming post, stay tuned!


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