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The CPCL current and alumni at AGU's Fall Meeting, Chicago IL

Ariel and Ashley both presented posters about their current research, while alumni Mohammed Hashim chaired a session and presented.

Ariel Martin with Stephen Kaczmarek reviewing her digital poster "Dolomite as a Paleoclimate Proxy: The Relationship between Cation Order and Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Experimental Dolomites", AGU 2022

Ashley Scott at her digital poster "Application of a High-Resolution Diagenetic Characterization to Investigate Dolomitization in the Upper Ordovician (Richmondian) Saluda Formation, Madison, Indiana", AGU 2022

CPCL Alumni Mohammed Hashim gave a talk "Simple Experiments can Shape our Understanding of Complex Processes", AGU 2022. Mohammed also performed as a chair for the "Carbonate Sediments Through Time: Proxies for processes and planets" section.


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